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Why Opposite Days?

Where does the name come from?

Very simply it is day or time or event where everything you say means the exact opposite of its intended meaning. It is children’s game often played to teach them quite an abstract concept. How do you explain opposites? The easiest to learn about opposite is to learn the opposing or contrary view to an event, situation, colour, anything. It can actually be quite fun.

It would be as simple as saying, OMG, the weather in London is always so sunny and incredible.

The philosophy of Opposite Days?

As humans we are resistant to change. We don’t like things we don’t understand.

Sometimes embracing the opposite of what you think is what you need to do to thrive, evolve and change.

In business why change things that aren’t broke? How can you actually move a large organisation into operating a different way. What if your business is slipping in market share? What if things just don’t feel like they are going in the right direction?

Do you stick with what you know, keep doing what you know but expecting different results or do you become a bit of a free radical and try something different?

Building products, changing businesses, inventing new services. This takes guts, it involves taking risks and embracing the unfamiliar. It involves trying new things and be prepared for some to work and others not. It involves looking at everything you do from the things you design products & services, the people you hire, the way you operate, the way you sell yourself. When it works it is amazing and you celebrate these successes but you also have to be brave enough to admit your mistakes and trying again with something different.

All these situations take you out of your comfort zone. They can be curly ambigious problems, not yet defined, not yet resolved. To change involves tough decisions. We know some with work and some will not but it is at that intersection of the idea, the woolly problem, the strategy to change or shift into something that is designed, imagined, created and ultimately made.

And it is in that moment or space that Opposite Days exist.

We encourage and guide our clients to think differently. Embrace new ideas, processes, methods, culture & strategic thinking. We help businesses embrace these challenges and thrive because of it. We collaborate closely with our clients to solve business challenges and design better experiences, products & services.

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