Photo by  Juan Di Nella  on  Unsplash

Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash

“Photography has become one of the principal devices for experiencing something, for giving an appearance of participation.”
— Susan Sontag

How does it work?

An event series that is part improv, part storytelling, fully immersive between worlds real and imagined.

It is an entertaining and eye-opening evening on how images impact what we think, feel and believe. Talks from photographers, art directors, stylists and people who love a good story about connection and amazing adventures.

This is a space in-between idea and execution and ultimately translation of meaning.

The idea from the art director and then the viewer who translate the image into someone else, private, personal and even universal. Images have an impact and role in collective memory making.

We invite people to come up and tell their stories based on photographs they see for the first time. It is the shock of the new, speakers are asked to share the unknown memory, sparked from a random image that presents a story to be shared. 

First impressions count and through this exploration of stories we hope to share some insight on the ever expanding and pervasive role photography has in mediating our lives.


Why do it?

“In modern society, a discontent with reality expresses itself forcefully and most hauntingly by the longing to reproduce this one. As if only by looking at reality in the form of an object – through the fix of the photograph – is it really real, that is surreal.” Susan Sontag

We live is a saturated visual world and where the most popular apps are visual. In the world of digital product design, there is a box in the first concept and that box had a cross in it. If you are lucky it has a play button. What to put in that box you say? I don’t know that happens later, it is someone else’s job.

That may be true but that box has the ability to make or break an experience, a product and a design. Content strategy is inextricably linked to engaging customer experience. So ultimately what goes in the box matters a lot and is often the last thing considered or the thing we want for free.

So, in the era of flat minimal digital design, of less is more, mobile and multi-channel, the point of difference often happens beyond the words. It is about the stories we tell to engage and delight and mesmerise our customers.

Let’s take a step back first. Have you ever stared at an image and wondered what the story behind the characters behind the frame might be? How long are you actually looking at images when it is a simple as swipe left or right to discard.

In a world saturated with all things visual, what does photography mean in this digital world and how can people, brands, publishers and agencies create more meaningful images, stronger narratives that stick in our minds eye.

Sometimes it is a simple as the images we place in those boxes. 

Photo by  David Clarke  on  Unsplash

Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash

Who has hosted one so far

GettyImages, The Drum, Photobox, Shoreditch House, Mr&MrsSmith, UCDLondon, Silicon Beach

How did it start?

It started with a conversation between the teams at SheSays and GettyImages and morphed into a mini event series. Now it will be reimagined into a engaging format to bring more visual storytelling to the world.

Upcoming events


Can I host one?

Yes - get in touch. There is a small fee for a customised event but please get in touch.

Public speaking

Mel loves to talk. I have given various talks and workshops on visual storytelling and creativity. These are some recent talks, presentations, workshops I have given at conferences and organisations across Europe.

Get in touch for speaking opportunities.

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Visual Storytelling in the world of algorithmic narratives

Overview: Photography is now a commodity traded on digital platforms. But what about meaning, experience, narrative and ultimately memory. Can an AI really understand learn someone memory and translation of an image based on their own personal experience.

Screenshot 2018-07-20 12.36.02.png

Navigating authenticity in a world of swipe right, swipe left

Overview: What is photography when we have digital technologies, AI and algorithms that decide what good looks like. How do we reclaim our personal stories and tell authentic and real narratives that are not composited or imagined but real.


Visual storytelling & Business Strategy

Overview: Creative strategy and visual storytelling through images and prototyping can make or break a strategy. Strategy is more than data, spreadsheets and financial projections. Ultimately it relies on brand, customers and transforming perception in the minds of your stakeholders and ultimately your customers.


When ideas have sex - when strategy and creativity meet

Overview: The space where a strategic insight or plan becomes reality through creativity and execution. How to transfer from that world of fuzzy ideas into something real and tangible.



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Mint Amsterdam

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