Digital customer experience transformation


The brief: Which?, UK’s consumer champion. Leading the digital transformation program.of 36 properties and businesses across the Which? ecosystem

Responsibilities: Mel worked over 18month to redesign, reengineer and build a world class product & user experience team at Which? This included the full redesign of the primary website. The creation of three new products and services and the re-imagination of the Which? Campaigns platform,

Create world class product team with the hiring of a team of up for 35+ Product and Experience Design specialists.

Led strategic visioning, design and roadmap of future of Which? digital experience.

Strategy & design of three new digital products and services. Which? Campaigns, University and Birth Choices and redesign 8 existing products

Manage 35+ team to redesign 8+ multi-channel products

Introduce Product Management, UCD & IXD Design, User Research and Testing

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