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Taking a break to find yourself — radical mindfulness everyone should try at least once

I am on a dirt road in the middle of northern Italy, it’s the middle of nowhere, its pitch black, there are mosquitos literally ravishing my body in ways I can’t comprehend and I am waiting, waiting, waiting for people I have never met to pick me up.

This is safe right? It’s normal to trust people you have never met. It’s normal to book a flight to Italy to a place you have never heard of, to meet people you have never spoken to, to work on a project you care passionately about with five days notice. You will be trusting the advice of strangers, based on finding them in a google search and deciding within 10 minutes this was the best thing you would do this week. And it wasn’t expensive — the flight was €40.

It was by far, the smartest thing I had done that week and one of the many most amazing decisions and experiences I have had over the last six months on my walkabout.

So I hopped on a plane from Madrid to Torino and caught a train to a small village called Pinerolo to work with an amazing photobook publisher Akina Books to learn how to make handmade photobooks.

Jump back to meeting them on that lonely dark road surrounded by vineyards and after a few WhatsApp — where are you, I am here, no I am here, they arrive and without hesitation I jump into the car on this new adventure. Sounds like a joke but I get into the car with an Argentinian, Russian and Italian who says… I know a bar… let’s go. In unison, we all say — yes.

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What if there was no Plan B?

What if there was no Plan B?

What would you do? How would you live your life?

Ever since I was 16 my dream was to live in Madrid, Spain, be fluent in Spanish, be a full-time creative, artist and photographer and live the vida loca.

Yet, I am in my mid-forties and I still haven’t pursued this dream. It had become the story I would tell over beers at the bar to anyone who would listen but I never did a single thing about it.

Visual Storytelling - inside the box

Visual Storytelling - inside the box

The role of visual storytelling in product design and strategy.

To create innovative products we are constantly reminded to think outside the box. Extend your ideas further but for the purpose of some products, well, any digital product that has a visual dimension to it (so well, pretty much all) I am going to argue that it is now fundamental to think inside the box. And it is a mistake for brands and product teams if they don’t.

Visual conversations — the limits of my language means the limits of my world


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” Wittgenstein

My new project is the perfect mix of experience & algorithm, art & science, human & machine, images & words. At the centre of it all are visual conversations, narratives designed by humans but stitched together with some lovely machine learning algorithms.

My role at the moment is help design products and services to give life to these photographs, memories and experiences. No need to focus on the specifics of the role itself, I’d rather share some thoughts about narrative and language, and how for me the interpretation of stories through languages in it’s many forms is being challenged on a daily basis.

Before we look at images, let’s start with words. It will feel tangential, that’s on purpose, so bear with me.