Visual Storytelling - inside the box


The role of visual storytelling in product design and strategy.

To create innovative products we are constantly reminded to think outside the box. Extend your ideas further but for the purpose of some products, well, any digital product that has a visual dimension to it (so well, pretty much all) I am going to argue that it is now fundamental to think inside the box. And it is a mistake for brands and product teams if they don’t.

When we start thinking about digital strategy and proposition development, we start with words. We share ideas often as a series of words, a list of features describing the future experience, we draw empathy maps and create experience diagrams, we develop a product proposition statement. But these stay just concepts sometimes visually wrapped up in PowerPoint presentations structured to validate research. Yet, as a product designer and visual storyteller, I can design hundreds of different and nuanced narratives to each concept to give it meaning. They stay abstract until stories and user interfaces are put alongside them and success is fundamentally in its execution.